As the media field keeps transforming from few main channels to many smaller owned media outlets, it is crucial to find the right content producers for your business – people who are able to create catchy content for the desired target group.

We offer different communications tools to support your content production. We at Pilgrim plan, conceptualize and carry out content production on web pages and social media platforms, depending on your needs. We act as producers, editors, news readers and ghost writers to serve the growing needs of content production. Corporate responsibility is an excellent and interesting theme for creating content for media, stakeholders, web sites and social media.

We also produce video content. It is as important to take care of the usefulness of videos to their viewers as of any other communications. The channels and means are defined together with the client depending on the target group.


We strongly believe that openly acting corporates are helping to create a new communications culture whether the message is about a new specializing field or new products or services. Businesses and communities are important game changers in society so obviously they need to

communicate about their vision, values and actions. Active CR communications has a key role in helping your business getting the main message out there.

We help corporations and communities take advantage of different possibilities of communications so that it serves the needs of both the businesses and its stakeholders. Our consultation helps define the media’s working methods and understand the thinking of the ever-changing media landscape and journalists. Media training, strategic planning and communications finalizing are in key role here.


Pilgrim is the Finland affiliate of the leading global communications marketing company Edelman. Edelman is the largest independent communications firm in the world. As a member of Edelman family Pilgrim executes the communications of international brands in Finland and offers a channel for Finnish businesses’ communications projects abroad.


Successful communications campaigns support your business and customer satisfaction. An efficient campaign focuses on selected key elements like customer needs, creative and surprising

idea and good planning that finds the catchiest concept and most suitable channels. A successful campaign encourages, motivates and strengthens the relations between you and your audience and prompts active interaction.


We offer organizations and communities communications planning and executing to find new and effective points of view for internal communications. Successful and open internal communications require mutually agreed rules and input from the whole work community. Open discussion increases work satisfaction and leads to more effective organization as a whole.


Brand writing is one form of content production. Brand writing gives a brand its own voice that differs from others and gives a meaning and justification for a brand’s existence. Brand writing is required for example on a (new) brand’s web site and social media channels, and it makes the brand’s way of speaking recognizable to its target groups. Brand writing is not necessarily about producing commercial texts, but it can be that as well. By brand writing you create your brand a personality that feels familiar no matter what channel is in use.

Authenticity, a humane and interesting point of view are essential for brand writing. This is why it differs greatly from traditional corporate communications. Brand writing will not make announcements, it discusses and listens to its audiences. For this reason, it is important to define the communications resources. The voice of a brand cannot be given to a robot since it is substantial to maintain a humane feeling especially in social media.


Corporate responsibility communications or CR communications creates trust – and trust creates business.

Every corporation does a lot of things right and giving this work the attention it deserves we can together create culture of good news.

CR communications is communicating the good whether it is a job well done or doing good things in general. Reporting about your good news you are building a new kind of reporting culture which creates trust and long-term visibility.

CR communications is not just about charity but about everything good you are doing for the environment, personnel or community. Pilgrim established LinkedIn’s Vastuulliset viestijät (Responsible Communicators) group in 2009. We arrange themed breakfast events for the group members 2 to 3 times a year. You are very welcome to join us!


Nearly every organization has to face crises or emergencies at some point. Stakeholders evaluate the organization depending on how successful the crisis management is. Training for crises and crisis communications is in key role in crisis management.

Crisis communications is based on creating crisis standbys, managing crises and rebuilding trust after the crisis. The success of crisis communications depends on speediness, honesty, openness and compassion. Post-crisis management is a vital part of good crisis communications.

Professionally handled crises will at best increase stakeholders’ trust in your company.


We plan blogger collaborations with bloggers whose know-how and channels suit best your needs. We have executed blogger collaborations with payment, travel and food industry and lifestyle brands. We are happy to plan and execute an effective blogger collaboration for your business!


We help you to create and develop your web site to reach your target groups in an effective way with tailored and appropriate content. A potential client makes her decision often in just seconds: should I stay or should I go? We plan your web site to be responsive to work in any environment and optimize it to be found by Google. A well-executed site introduces your brand and products or services supported by intuitive graphics. We also plan and integrate digital campaigns as a part of inter-channel marketing that combines print and digital channels as needed.


Pilgrim’s services support your business starting from strategic level: communications support your long-term goals, and reputation management and brand communications focusing on products and services brings added value to your short-term marketing and sales actions. We offer training and consulting in performing in front of the media and solidifying your media relations. We have a strong experience in active elaborating of media relations, the ever-changing media field and executive media training programs from crisis communications to interviews.


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