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Businesses and communities are increasingly creating and using their own media. Telling your audiences about important topics yourself there’s less risk of outside interpretations, and you are better equipped to lead your own communications. Trust-creating and credible business content needs to be factual, up-to-date and meet journalistic standards. We encourage you to engage your audiences with relevant content on your own websites. Leave your followers with something they need; content that inspires, touches and entertains: videos, articles, photos, or podcasts in your own recognizable voice. We execute everything you need from a complete website to a content, social media and communications strategy and the production of your content from image, video and article to sound.

Small projects can also be handled flexibly: for example, when you are on the lookout for a social media calendar, company video or website update, we’re here to help!


Nina is one of the pioneers of sustainability communications in Finland. Her passion is the highest octave of sustainability communications: trust communications. When a business or a community tells its audiences about the good it does and its pursuits to do better – whether it be equality in leadership, environmental considerations and improvements or more traditional voluntary work – it generates trust among clients and stakeholders. Trust creates conditions for more and better business. Trust communications is not a gimmick but rather an attitude that can be applied in all communications situations from one-on-one discussions all the way to PR and events.


Pilgrim is the Finnish affiliate of the world’s largest independent PR company Edelman. In this role, we are in charge of various companies’ localized brand communications in our market. And vice versa! Should you be in need of international communications activities, the Edelman worldwide network can be reached through us, and we can serve as your communications hub to markets all over the world. Working with local PR agencies in each market you ensure the relevance of your communications wherever it is carried out.


When in need of a major launch to build brand awareness among consumers, influencer marketing is an effective way to reach out to your audiences. Social media stars and micro influencers in YouTube, Instagram and Twitch or somewhere in the blogosphere engage various types of followers – we can help you find your customers in social media in cooperation with influencers!

Pilgrim offers you the more traditional communications services like media relations and crisis communications, too. Feel free to DM any of us and we’ll soon be serving your audiences the tastiest communication in town!