Pilgrim is Edelman Finland affiliate

Edelman is the largest independent global communications marketing company that partners with the world’s leading businesses and organizations to evolve, promote and protect their brands and reputations. With more than 65 offices, Edelman global network delivers the right local expertise wherever brands and businesses drive dialogue with their audiences.

Local expertise & trust

Pilgrim provides local expertise, insights and on-the-ground market support to Edelman in Finland, while Edelman provides Pilgrim’s employees and clients access to its regional and global network of experts. Edelman also shares best practices, professional development and training programs.

Edelman’s proven strategy is to engage audiences over time to earn their lasting trust – the strongest insurance against competitive disruption, the antidote to consumer indifference, and the best path to continued growth.

Edelman has evolved during its history as a public relations pioneer. In addition to traditional and enhanced PR, Edelman’s work encompasses communications marketing, data-and-insight-driven approach to integrated campaigns; advisory services; and digital strategies and solutions. Pilgrim implements this knowledge locally by reinforcing local activities with market specific needs.

Edelman’s teams of strategists, creators and counselors bring to this work what clients have long valued for — in-depth expertise, unexpected ideas, and ingenious storytelling that together drive valuable impact on their businesses. Edelmann is global in reach, but its people are local, with in-depth knowledge of markets, cultures, and issues.

Commitment to principles As an independent, family-owned company, Edelman does not answer to investors but solely to its clients, using its profits to strengthen business, improve the lives of employees, advance industry, and serve as a responsible citizen of the world. Edelman’s commitment to its principles are expressed in core of — excellence, curiosity, and courage — that Edelman strives to work and live by every day.


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