Pilgrim Edelman offers content production for businesses. Besides traditional communications we produce content on web sites and social media channels.

We tell your story and make sure it’s found on the web. We support your business in transforming your company into its own news media that reaches and touches its audiences directly.

Pilgrim’s core team is here to find the best experts and creative minds and to form a traditional PR department or news desk. Whatever message you want to deliver and where ever you want to do it, please contact us!

Olli Ollila

Managing Director

Executive Communications, International Communications

Olli has 20+ years of experience in strategic communications planning and international co-operation with the world’s leading brands.

In his free time he enjoys sports and maritime activities.

+358 40 589 7754

olli.ollila at pilgrim.fi

Sarianna Rimpeläinen

Visual Content Producer

Sarianna studies media science and is enthusiastic about media convergence’s possibilities in the form of video and multimedia.

Her all-time favorites include vlogs representing different genres and media art.

+358 44 9738614

sarianna.rimpelainen at pilgrim.fi

Nina Alivirta

Strategy Director, Partner

Content Strategies, CR Communications, Social Media Communications

Nina is specialized in strategic and corporate responsibility communications and has a long experience in communications. She is the founder of LinkedIn’s Vastuulliset viestijät (Responsible Communicators) group and keeps developing CR communications tools for communities.

Apart from work she is the Vice President of Lauluakatemia (Vocal Academy), an association dedicated for developing the training of vocal artists and musicians.

+358 40 589 7752

nina.alivirta at pilgrim.fi

Kauko Ollila

Freelance Editor

Kauko writes about technology, including ICT and its applications for businesses. He has worked as an Editor for Tietoviikko newspaper (present Tivi) in 1994–2002 and as its Editor of Chief in 2002–2010. After that he kept covering tech issues for Tivi, MikroPC (present Mikrobitti) and Tekniikka&Talous in 2010–2015.

He hosted dozens of ICT seminares and panels for Talentum Events (present Alma Talent Events) in 2002–2015.

Media training, online journalistic content, ICT

Nora Tamminen

Nora Tamminen

Account Executive, Content Producer

Nora has been working for the media field before joining the Pilgrim team and has a Master’s degree in Finnish language. Her skills in recognizing trends helps her to pick the core information of any data and combining your message with current themes.

When she has time off from work and house-building she relaxes by doing pilates, swimming or ice swimming.

+358 40 168 0902

nora.tamminen at pilgrim.fi

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