In his new blog, Edelman CEO Richard Edelman writes the citizens of the world have been stunned by the ferocity and duration of the Covid-19 pandemic.

“They initially placed their faith in government as the sole institution capable of marshalling the resources to defeat this insidious enemy, but trust dissolved into disillusionment as the death toll and job losses mounted. As of January 2021, business emerged as the most trusted institution, the only one seen as both ethical and competent. Our most recent¬†2021 Edelman Trust Barometer Spring Update: A World in Trauma¬†confirms business as the most trusted institution, widening its lead over government, especially in markets still in the throes of the pandemic. But overreliance on business as savior is an unstable and unsustainable formula that could explode for a private sector that promises too much and is then unable to meet the ever-expanding expectations of a traumatized public.”

Read the whole blog.

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